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About The King's Convoy International


The Kings' Convoy is a unique, non-denominational organization with a mission to campaign for Jesus and His return. Led by Pastor Andafa Darling, the organization is focused on developing and empowering people, serving society, and organizing diverse campaigns about Jesus and his return.

To fulfill its mission, the Kings' Convoy recognizes the need for spiritual growth, personal development, service to others, and community engagement. According to the scriptures, we must mobilize kings, christian men and women with influence in the world, to speak up for Jesus and his return. And seeing that it takes kings to reach kings, the organization must get involved in raising kings as a core part of their efforts to fulfilling it's mission. As such, the Kings' Convoy seeks to provide a holistic approach to preparation that includes both spiritual and practical components.

The Kings' Convoy aims to be a movement that inspires and collaborates with individuals and organizations who share its passion for preparing for Jesus' return. The organization believes in actively engaging in campaigns and spreading the message of Jesus through various means, including outdoor rallies, social media outreach, and community service projects.

One of the unique aspects of the Kings' Convoy is its focus on empowering people. The organization provides opportunities for people to develop their skills, discover their passions, find meaningful ways to serve others, and build a voice of influence that can be wielded for Jesus.

The Kings' Convoy is not affiliated with any specific denomination or church, and it seeks to create a space where people from different backgrounds and denominations can come together. Overall, the Kings' Convoy is a dynamic and passionate organization that is committed to preparing people for Jesus' return and making a positive change in society.

Purpose, Mission, & Vision

Our purpose is to make this world a better place by facilitating the return of its one and rightful king, Jesus Christ. We believe that our world is in a state of decline, and the only solution lies in the return of its true ruler. Our commitment is to work towards the fulfillment of Jesus' plan for the earth, which is that the Father's will be done here, just as it is in Heaven.

We are aware of the problems facing our world, including poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation. We believe that these issues cannot be fully resolved without the establishment of Jesus' Kingdom on earth. Our only hope for our world to truly become a better place is for Jesus Christ to return and establish His Kingdom on earth.

Our organization is dedicated to spreading the word about Jesus' return and creating a community of like-minded individuals who share our vision.

Our vision is clear - to ignite a passion for Jesus Christ and His return in the hearts of people through divers campaigns, and to inspire individuals and organizations everywhere to do the same. We believe that every person should be prepared to meet Jesus when He returns, and we are determined to inspire and equip believers to do just that.

It is very disheartening to see many believers today respond to news of Jesus' return with so much doubt, disinterest, and unbelief. However, we believe that it is our responsibility as forerunners to change this narrative. Through our diverse campaigns, we strive to create a movement of people who are eager and prepared to meet Jesus Christ.

We are committed to spreading the message of Jesus' return far and wide, and we invite you to join us in this journey.

Our mission is clear and straightforward: we strive to mobilize Christian men and women of influence in the world into a convoy campaigning for the return of Earth's King, Jesus Christ.

Our strategy is simple: we believe that we can facilitate the speedy return of the King by leveraging the voices of kings to build up Zion, His General Assembly and Church. As it is written, 'Where the word of a king is, there is power...' (Ecclesiastes 8:4) and 'When the LORD shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory.' (Psalm 102:16).

At The Kings' Convoy, we are dedicated to our mission, and we invite all Christian men and women of influence to join us in our convoy, campaigning for the return of Earth's King, Jesus Christ.

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